Support Services and Community Wellness Initiatives

Tailored support for clients includes individualized assistance, resource navigation. Social workers benefit from mental health support and networking.Ā  Our commitment extends to the community through training programs, workshops, and speaking engagements promoting mental health awareness. Rooted in anti-oppressive principles, our support services create an empowering environment for all. Whether you seek therapeutic assistance, professional development, or community engagement, the Center is dedicated to your thriving.

Comprehensive Support for Clients, Social Workers, and the Community.

Sexual Education

We're passionate about providing comprehensive sexual education that enlightens, empowers, and enriches lives. Our approach to sexual education is as diverse as the individuals and families we serve. Whether it's one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs, dynamic group workshops with like-minded peers, or engaging family-oriented discussions, we're here to guide you on a journey of understanding, respect, and open dialogue.

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Informed Supervision

We understand the unique challenges that families with youth involved in the legal system may face, particularly when dealing with problematic sexual behavior. Our Informed Supervision program is designed to provideĀ  comprehensiveĀ support and constructive guidance to your family.

Our Informed Supervision program is a step toward positive change and a brighter future for families and youth alike.

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Psychoeducation Classes

Our staffĀ offers a range of mental health education sessions andĀ emotional well-being workshops. OurĀ programs and resources are aimed at providing valuable knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance mental health and overall quality of life.

Examples of our classes include:Ā 

  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Stress Management & Self Care
  • Communication Skills
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Goal Setting & Life Skills
  • Parenting and Family Support
  • Community Resources

Mental Health Support for Therapists

TheĀ Colorado Therapist Wellness Network is a specialized and compassionate initiative tailored to meet the specific needs of mental health professionals who dedicate themselves to helping others. We recognize that therapists often shoulder the emotional burdens of their clients, which can take a toll on their own well-being.

In response to these unique challenges, our program serves as a lifeline for therapists, offering a safe and nurturing environment for self-care and healing

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Community Engagement & Wellness Events

Our Community Engagement & Wellness Events are dedicated to promoting mental and emotional well-being in our community. Join us for informative workshops, engaging activities, and supportive gatherings aimed at enhancing your overall wellness. Together, we're building a healthier and happier community.

Colorado Life Enrichment Program

A comprehensive and dynamic initiative designed to help individuals maximize their quality of life while embracing the unique opportunities and experiences that living in Colorado offers, no matter their income. This program focuses onĀ enhancing overall well-being, personal growth, and community engagement. Whether you're looking to improve your mental health, build meaningful connections, or explore the adventurous lifestyle that Colorado has to offer, our program is here to empower you on your journey to a fulfilling life in the Centennial State.