Clinical Supervision for
Colorado Social Workers in Private Practice


Transitioning to a private practice as a social worker is both an inspiring journey and a considerable professional undertaking, involving much more than simply achieving licensure. It represents a commitment to personal and professional growth, as you shape your identity as a committed clinician.



Paying for Supervision

Our clinical supervision program is designed not only to facilitate your journey towards licensure but also to lay a robust foundation for ethical practices and exceptional care that underpins your entire career. Priced at¬†$170 (effective 2/1/24)¬†per individual session, our service fees reflect a profound responsibility‚ÄĒensuring we offer top-tier quality supervision that encompasses the liability and in-depth support work needed for supervising social workers on their path to establishing a successful independent practice.

Our supervision services support entrepreneurs starting their own businesses and social workers working as 1099/contract employees in other clinicians' practices. It's important to note that 1099s are legally classified as practicing independently and are responsible for their private practice supervision costs. Invest in our exceptional clinical supervision to enhance your professional credibility and ensure long-term practice success.

We understand the importance of comprehensive support. Our supervision includes thorough preparation, meticulous documentation review, and ongoing consultation. Our goal is to provide the guidance and expertise you need to thrive in your independent practice, while upholding professional standards.

Choosing our supervision services guarantees a solid foundation for your career and demonstrates your commitment to exceptional client care. With our dedication to your growth and success, you can navigate the complexities of independent practice confidently.


Elevating Your Practice: What We Offer

With 18 years of experience in clinical social work and 12 years of private practice, Bethany excels in offering specialized clinical supervision services to social workers. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field make her an invaluable resource for those seeking professional guidance and support.

Our comprehensive program covers all the essential aspects of launching a successful career in private practice. Our services go beyond traditional supervision to ensure that you are not only compliant but confident in your professional journey.

  • Licensure Preparation: Get comprehensive support throughout the licensure process. We provide case conceptualization, ethical guidance, and help with your application to the Colorado licensing board. We strive to streamline the complex demands with our precise and empowering assistance.
  • Individual Mentorship:¬†Every social worker's path is unique, and our individualized mentorship is tailored to your specific needs. From clinical case analysis to professional development, you'll have a seasoned supervisor by your side, offering personalized guidance.
  • Priority Scheduling for Urgent Needs:¬†Real life doesn't wait for schedules. We prioritize your career needs, ensuring availability for urgent matters that cannot be delayed. From board inquiries to client crises, support will be just a phone call away.
  • Case Consultation and Ethical Practices: Dive deep into your clinical work with our focused case consultation sessions. Each session is thoughtfully designed to not only provide solutions for case-specific challenges but to also help you develop ethical frameworks that stand the test of time.
  • Rigorous Documentation Monitoring: Clear and comprehensive documentation is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a cornerstone of quality care. Our meticulous documentation monitoring ensures you maintain detailed and defensible records of your interventions and client progress.
  • Support for Self-Care and Countertransference: Your well-being is as crucial as your clients' care. Our program includes structured sessions to support your self-care practice and delve into the nuances of countertransference to help fortify your emotional boundaries and foster resilience.
  • Business Acumen Development:¬†Private practice success requires more than clinical expertise. Our targeted training hones your business acumen, covering finance, marketing, and strategic planning. Blend entrepreneurial skills with therapeutic knowledge to confidently navigate the dual roles of clinician and business owner.

  • Marketing Strategy and Online Presence:¬†Our guidance includes creating a personalized marketing strategy that combines traditional and digital approaches. Build a powerful brand, connect with your ideal clients, share your expertise, and boost your visibility and reputation using online tools.

  • Time Management and Efficiency:¬†Learn to balance clinical responsibilities and managerial tasks with our time management and efficiency training. Streamline operations, automate admin tasks, and divide your time effectively to thrive in both your practice and personal life. Prevent burnout and maintain your passion for the profession by optimizing your schedule. Join us now!

  • Complimentary Support Between Sessions: Transitioning to private practice can be overwhelming. Benefit from our complimentary support services, including email or phone accessibility for quick questions or reassurance.

Your Path to Private Practice Starts Here

The decision to establish a clinical practice is a significant professional milestone, and the right supervision can make all the difference. Experience a comprehensive and supportive clinical supervision program that prioritizes your professional growth and client well-being. Book a free consultation call to take the first confident step toward building a successful private practice.

Important Disclaimers Before Scheduling your Consultation

Please note that Bethany carefully screens each potential supervisee to maintain the highest standard of clinical supervision. An initial consultation call does not guarantee a contractual agreement. Our fit and your readiness for private practice are key factors in this decision.

Adhering to the professional regulations of the Colorado Mental Health Practice Act is crucial. Practicing without a supervisor, even briefly, violates this act and can have serious legal and professional consequences. Setting up proper supervision before engaging in practice is essential.

For more information and to schedule your initial consultation, click the pink button below. We are here to support your journey with the care it deserves.

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Meet Bethany Raab

Bethany Raab provides our private practice supervision services. She is a licensed clinical social worker with 18 years of experience in the mental health field. Bethany received her Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Denver and has worked in a variety of settings including residential treatment, community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, offense specific treatment programs and private practice.

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Hear What Past Supervisees Have to Say About Our Supervision

Sara Martin, MSW, LCSW

Bethany transformed my supervision experience.
 Her groups were organized, incredibly valuable and I always felt supported. Bethany's commitment to and experience in the social work field was apparent and I appreciated her willingness to facilitate conversations that allowed us to dig deeper into our identities and the impact on the clients we serve. Her humor and candor made group and individual supervision fun and I really enjoyed the time with her. I feel much more prepared to start my own practice than I did before I started working with her.

Lisa Nelson, MSW, LCSW, ACS

Bethany's clinical supervision was invaluable to me as I worked toward independent licensure.
I wouldn't be the clinician I am today without her. I consistently felt supported by Bethany and my work with her greatly increased my confidence in handling complex clinical issues. Bethany brings a strong social work perspective to the work and stresses the importance of personal awareness and social justice and the intricate connections between the two. She is highly knowledgeable about ethics and considerations related to work at both an agency and in private practice. She prompts professional growth of supervisees with attention to stress management and avoidance of burnout.

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